Are Rice Cakes Keto? Low-Carb Alternatives + Keto Vegan Recipe

I remember the first time I saw rice cakes. They were on a shelf of a healthy food store. And being something that I had never seen, I quickly bought them up. Wondering what my first experience of eating rice cakes was? Put plainly. I didn’t enjoy them; they are pretty tasteless.

Rice cakes are circular white crunchy things made of puffed rice that people snack on guilt-free. They are bland in taste and very low in fats. So you can eat a whole pack of them without feeling like you are binge eating.

But the big question remains, are rice cakes keto?                                          

The answer: Rice cakes are most definitely not keto. 

Although rice cakes are low in fats, they are high in carbs. Their makeup is the exact opposite of the keto diet. While rice cakes are low in fats and overflowing with carbs, keto foods are high in fats and low in carbs. According to the Nutrition Source (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), the macronutrient ratio of keto food is 70-80% fat, 10-20% protein, and 5-10% carbs.

So, the only way rice cakes can ever be keto is to dial down their carbs and dial up their fat. They will join the leagues of salmon, avocado, and ghee (the high keto society) when they do that. 

But as their current nutritional status goes, rice cakes are not keto-friendly. According to Healthline, eating rice cakes can quickly raise your blood sugar levels. And this over time can lead to weight gain, which is totally un-keto-like. The keto diet includes a lot of fat and minimal carbs to dial down the sugar in your blood so that your body relies on burning down fat for its daily energy boost.


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Do rice cakes have carbs?

Yes. Rice cakes just don’t have carbs, but they have a lot of them. This is why you should avoid them on keto. One 100gram serving of rice cakes contains 77.3 grams net of carbs.

The high carbs in rice cakes are exactly what the keto diet doesn’t stand for.

Are rice cakes low carb?

The answer depends on the angle you are asking it. 

When compared to keto, rice cakes are high in carbs. But when compared with other grain foods like bread, rice cakes are low carb. As with any typical daily snack, you don’t need to worry about the carby-ness of rice cakes. But as a keto disciple, run for the hills. 

Because they are made from puffed rice, rice cakes have lower carb levels than cooked rice. But don’t let this fool you. Since their nutritional value is over 70% to 100% carbs. They add no other nutrients like fats and proteins to your diet. So, eating low-carb rice cakes daily increases the carb level in your body.

Can you eat rice cakes on keto?

Straight answer: No. This is if you are a loyal keto diet purist.

But on the other hand, if you are a realist like me, you can eat your rice cakes even while on keto. But please do so in moderation. If you love indulging yourself with a piece of rice cake once in a while, please do so. But only do this if you are very sure that it doesn’t affect your keto diet in any way. 

On the other hand, if eating one can or will kick you out of ketosis, love, desist from rice cakes. There is nothing like eating something you know you shouldn’t and suffering the guilt vapors later on. Walk the path you chose without any regrets. If it’s keto, then eat, pray and love keto.

Low carb rice cake alternative

If you are looking for low-carby options for rice cakes, this means that you love your crunch time. Find some consolation in the snacks below.

(best rice cake alternative)

For 18g, it has 0g of net carbs, 7g of fat, 9g of proteins, and 100 calories. This fits the bill since it has low carbs and is high in fats. These are not necessarily vegan though, but if you are following a lactovegetarian diet these can be ok (although not the healthiest snack option out there).

Keto rice cake recipe

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