Does MCT Oil Break a Fast? How Much Is Allowed to Stay in Ketosis?

MCT oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil. If you follow a ketogenic diet, MCT is converted into ketones, producing a breakdown of fats when the carbs intake is low. This can help stay in a fat-burning state known as ketosis. 

With a lower number of calories than coconut oil itself, you can consider using it when under intermittent fasting. But since the calorie count is not zero, you may probably wonder: “Does MCT oil break a fast?” 

And that’s what I’d like to investigate within this post. 

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How many calories will break a fast?

I hate to break it to you, but the truth is consuming any calories breaks a fast. That said, before you get depressed, adding 2 to 5 calories to your cup of herbal tea or coffee is not bad.

Although health experts like Vincent M.Pedre, M.D, the author of , recommend you stick to zero calories or very little as much as you can. Or better yet, go water-only during fasting to maximize your intermittent fasting benefits. But you should try and test different approaches to see what works for you the best. 

It’s good to know that a lot of benefits come with intermittent fasting. Some of them include:

  • weight loss 
  • increase cognitive functioning
  • promote ketosis (increases fat burn)
  • decrease the risk of metabolic diseases
  • reduce Inflammation
  • improve overall fitness

Does MCT oil raise blood sugar?

I am glad you asked! MCT oil helps in balancing blood sugar levels. So, MCT does not raise your blood sugar; it makes the insulin response sensitive, reversing insulin resistance for diabetes patients.

MCT oil is a super fat acid found in both plant-based milks like coconut and palm oil and animal-based milk like dairy milk though in small amounts. All these are low carb diets. 

Healthy fats made from plants like coconut oil are nourishing the body. In case you are worried about your blood sugar rising and falling often, MCT oil will regulate it. And therefore help you maintain healthy body weight.

Does MCT oil break a fast on keto?

No, it does not. Even though some experts would vouch for the zero-calorie approach. The key to using MCT oil during intermittent fasting is to keep the dose very minimal, probably 4-6 capsules of MCT oil are enough for you. The reason is to avoid insulin-induced response from your body that enables you to fast for a period.

Depending on your IF routine, the best time to take MCT oil capsules might be in the morning with a non-caloric drink for a 16;8 IF routine. Another time can be when you break your fasting. You may need a quick boost in energy; MCT oil gets absorbed fast to give you the strength. Regardless, it boils down to your individual IF experiences.

Again, MCT oil is the secret to a healthy ketogenic diet, absorbed quickly, boosting your body energy. Ketosis increases in the presence of MCT oil even on high carb intake.

Other benefits of MCT oil while in intermittent fasting include:

  • enhancing brain function
  • may help extend the fasting period
  • increased weight loss and longevity
  • increased energy expenditure

Does MCT oil with black coffee break a fast?

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No, but the coffee should not have any other additives like sugar or cream. Drinking coffee during the fasting period may not be the best idea because your body rests from adrenal release.

But if you have to drink 1 or 2 cups of black coffee, you need to know caffeine will not inhibit your ketogenic state; it will help reduce hunger pangs during the IF period. It regulates ketosis in humans, according to this study.

Also, taking black coffee when fasting reduces insulin sensitivity, improving glucose tolerance. These reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes. In addition to that, black coffee stimulates gastrin, a hormone for gastric acid secretion, used for digestion.

For keto dieters, coffee consumption reduces the gaining of weight. 

To prepare MCT oil with black coffee is simple. You need to pour your black coffee into a cup, then add a half-spoon of MCT oil powder and stir to enjoy.

Will MCT oil powder break a fast?

mct oil and fast

MCT oil powder will not break a fast, but you should still use it in moderation. A half-spoon is enough per day.

When under intermittent fasting and you feel a snack craving, MCT oil powder is perfect for you. Your body needs only 12 grams of MCT oil, which contains roughly 7 grams of fat content. This will provide enough energy through the fasting period.

However, it’s important to note that consuming large quantities of MCT oil powder may do more harm than good. For beginners, you might experience indigestion or nausea. You might have fat buildup in the liver long term. If you are watching your weight, consider MCT oil powder intake as part of your total fat intake.

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