4 Delightful Keto Pancakes Recipes (Vegan-Friendly Too)

Pancakes are your typical food for the soul. And as it happens with this category of meals, it’s generally high in carbs, bad fats, calories, and similar things. 

So once I moved on to being vegan, and following a low-carb diet, I thought my pancakes days are pretty much over. 

But there’s nothing impossible for a determined foodie. So today, I’ll be sharing with you 4 absolutely brilliant recipes of vegan keto pancakes. And I really hope you’ll experiment with all of those and find the one you and your family really like.

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Are pancakes keto?

A pancake is a type of flat cake made from a starch-based batter that may also include milk, butter, eggs, and cooked on a hot oiled surface e.g., a frying pan. And in general, depending on the ingredients you are using, it might have 15 – 25g of net carbs per pancake. Which can hardly be qualified as keto-friendly (not to mention vegans). 

How to make vegan keto pancakes?

Fortunately, there is a ton of ingredients that might help you to transform your ordinary “carby and dairy” to keto and vegan pancakes. 

 For instance, you can replace the all-purpose flour with low-carb almond or flaxseed flours. You can use plant-based unsweetened milk instead of dairy. You can utilize natural zero-carb sugar substitutes (e.g., monk-fruit and erythritol) along with sugar-free toppings and sauces.  

Vegan almond flour pancakes  

Vegan keto coconut pancakes

Baked vegan keto flax pancakes

Vegan low carb protein pancakes 

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