Keto Blueberry Scones: 3 Amazing Recipes (Good for Vegans Too)

I bet many people are in love with scones – those are always associated with posh, royal-like parties. These are made from wheat flour, butter, and sugar. And you can add more ingredients to it for additional flavors. And blueberry scones are probably the most popular choice. 

The dough is shaped into little circles, wedges, or squares and baked. 

All in all, it’s a wonderful treat to go with your morning coffee or tea. And there’s absolutely no reason to neglect it if you are following keto vegan diet. 

So let’s discover our options. And I also try to share some points that prove that keto blueberry scones are actually way healthier than traditional ones. So you are literally won the health lottery when decided to get into ketosis and switch to the plant-based diet. 

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Are scones healthy or not? 

Apart from the ingredients mentioned in the intro, your regular scones are very often topped with jam or some kind of cream. So, as a result, you end up with is a sugary treat with little nutritional value and lots of empty calories and sugars.

Let’s say you are going to eat a scone for breakfast. Eating something that’s high in carbs can drastically increase your blood sugar levels, and you will end up feeling hungrier sooner. Not a promising start of the day!

E.g., in one study, overweight children stated they were feeling less satisfied and hungrier after eating a high-carb meal versus low carb one. 

Can you eat blueberry scones of a keto diet? 

No, absolutely not. Let’s take a Starbucks scone as an example. Here’s what it’s made of: flour, dried blueberries, butter, sugar, whole buttermilk, eggs, blueberries, sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, cornstarch, salt, lemon zest, natural flavors, light brown sugar, soybean oil. 

But weirdly sounding ingredients are not the scariest part here. Look how much sugar that scone has? The serving size is 100g, and it includes 380 calories, 54g carbs (2g fiber and 22g sugars), 17g of fat (10g are saturated fat), and 6g of protein. 

52g of net carbs (and 22g of sugar) will kick you out of the ketosis in no time. So you should stay away from that treat if you are on keto (and if you are vegan as a matter of fact).

Vegan keto blueberry scones recipes 

Easy keto blueberry scones

Almond flour blueberry scones

Keto lemon blueberry scones

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