Does MCT Oil Put You in Ketosis? And How to Use It to Boost Ketones?

So, you’re thinking about introducing MCT oil into your keto lifestyle. Does MCT put you in ketosis? Well, MCT is a pretty cool hack for ketosis, as you will learn throughout this article.

What exactly is MCT oil? MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. A triglyceride is simply fat, and as we know, it’s not a bad thing for the keto diet. But can it put you in ketosis? And what might be the other benefits of this oil for your diet? Or is it just hype? 

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MCT oil benefits on keto diet

MCT oil can be pretty good for anyone following the keto diet.

 Here are just some of the effects of MCT oil on ketosis:

  1. MCT gets converted into ketones easily in the body because it is a medium-sized fat. It is also a high-quality fat, which means it will satisfy you easily, i.e., make you feel full.
  2. MCT oil has great benefits for the brain. It improves brain cognition and can help you feel alert and beat back any brain fog throughout the day.
  3. MCT oil can bypass damaged cells in your body and fuel healthy cells. Certain conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s can cause damage in cells. MCT can easily pass through these cells and deliver fuel to healthy cells.

Does MCT oil help you get into ketosis faster?

Some would swear that you can even use MCT oil to speed up ketosis. It works because MCT oil will cause your body to produce ketones and get you into ketosis faster. 

MCT oil can be incorporated into a keto diet for a less strict regimen. If you consume MCT oil, you can allow yourself to eat a bit more sugar and carbs.

Using MCT oil to kickstart ketosis

You can have MCT oil when not in ketosis for a quick release of ketones. MCT oil is a nifty hack for getting into ketosis. That is why some people choose the MCT oil diet. It is a less restrictive approach to the keto diet because you don’t have to worry too much about staying under that dreaded 20g of carbs.

If you choose to add MCT oil into your diet, ease yourself into it because our bodies need to get used to it slowly.

Are there any benefits of taking MCT oil after your cheat meals?

You can use MCT oil to get back into ketosis. While I don’t recommend going overboard with your cheat meals, you can go a few grams above the carb limit. Then, use MCT oil because it will get you right back into ketosis.

Continuous ketosis is way better than breaking ketosis then getting into it over and over again. However, I know some people find it extremely hard to get into ketosis while on the keto diet. For such people, I think MCT oil will be a beneficial dietary addition.

How does MCT oil affect ketosis?

The dying question people have about MCT oil is: “Does MCT oil kick you out of ketosis?”

Quite the opposite. MCT oil gets you into ketosis. When you eat MCT oil, your body digests it super-fast and produces ketones. Your body uses these ketones for energy. Remember that to get into ketosis, your body has to be using fat to fuel your body.

Does MCT oil increase ketones?

MCT oil releases ketones in the body after a few hours. That’s very little time compared to the days it takes to get into ketosis naturally.

To get into ketosis, your ketone level should be 0.5 mmol/L. As long you hit this number, you are in ketosis. However, there is no need to increase your ketones because it doesn’t make you lose weight faster.

Best way to use MCT oil on keto

Here are a few ways to incorporate MCT oil into keto:

  • A teaspoon in your morning coffee
  • Smoothies
  • A little splash in a salad
  • Ingredient in a salad dressing
  • Homemade mayonnaise
  • Ingredient in keto fat bombs

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