Keto German Chocolate Cake: Easy Vegan Low-Carb Recipe

keto vegan chocolate cake

German cake is a rich and decadent dessert consisting of a moist chocolate cake base and a pecan and coconut filling. The sad news for keto-dieters is that most cakes are not keto, especially if they are made using sugar as an ingredient. Sugar kicks you out of ketosis. But I think it’s quite unfair to those of us who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle. So I’ll try to figure out if there’s a way to enjoy a keto german cake for all of us keto-addicts. 

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German chocolate cake origin and history

German chocolate cake was first created in 1957 by Samuel German. It was a chocolate cake made to promote chocolate from Baker’s Chocolate – a company run by Samuel German. He was an English-American chocolate maker from the United States.

He developed a recipe for dark baking chocolate to use in his cake. While German’s recipe calls for his very own Baker’s chocolate, and sweet baking chocolate will work for this cake too. 

How many calories and carbs are in German chocolate cake?

This decadent and indulgent cake combines a rich, moist chocolate cake with a pecan and coconut filling. A serving of German chocolate cake complete with icing and filling has 403 calories. 

From this, we have 20.21g of fat, 53.88g of carbs, and 3.81g of protein. 

Is German chocolate cake keto? 

A traditional German chocolate cake is not keto. Remember that the restriction for carbs in the keto diet ideally is 20g of net carbs. And it’s almost 2.5 times more than one piece of German cake has. 

However, here is some good news: There are keto-friendly versions of low carb German chocolate cakes. If you bake a keto German chocolate cake with keto-friendly ingredients at home, enjoy your fantastic dessert while staying in ketosis. (Find my vegan and keto-friendly German cake recipe at the end of this post.)

Keto German chocolate cake vs. traditional German chocolate cake 

Let’s take a look at a traditional German chocolate cake:

It consists of a chocolate cake and a pecan and coconut filling. The chocolate cake is made using the following ingredients: sweet baking chocolate, coffee, all-purpose flour, buttermilk, butter, white sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. 

Of those ingredients, the following are not keto and will kick you out of ketosis: chocolate (has sugar), all-purpose flour (too many carbs), and white sugar. 100g of chocolate has anywhere from 25 to 50g of carbs. The same amount of all-purpose flour has 76g of carbs. White sugar in German chocolate cake has enough sugar to spike your insulin and kick you out of ketosis. 

On the other hand, a sugar-free German chocolate cake recipe can help you stay in ketosis while indulging your sweet tooth.

Let’s take a look at some non-keto ingredients and their alternatives for a keto-friendly German chocolate cake: 

  • Chocolate – Unsweetened dark baking chocolate 
  • All-purpose flour – Almond flour
  • White sugar – Monk fruit sweetener 

Easy recipe for keto German chocolate cake

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