Exogenous Ketones After Cheat Meal: How Fast Can You Get Back to Ketosis? 

I have had times when the delicious carby temptations are too hard to resist. Fortunately, there is one way out; to give in to the cravings. And it’s pretty funny how those cravings are divergent from the keto diet. 

What carbs are your Achilles heel? Even though you are loyally keto, they make you take the opposite direction lest you fall prey to them. 

I will list a few that always break down my resolve, the ones that put you in danger of binge eating? In my case, the top spot goes to the juicy chocolate fudge cake. Number two goes to snacks like chocolate candies and popcorn (watching a movie without popcorn doesn’t cut it for me), and the list goes on.

Binge eating these can spike your carb ratios and disturb your keto progress. So if you have broken down and splurged on your favorite snack, don’t stress yourself over exceeding your keto carb limit. You can recover the lost ground using exogenous ketones after a cheat meal.

So, what are ketones?

The keto diet takes you through a ketosis metabolic state, where your body burns your fat for fuel. The burning of fat leads to the production of fatty acids called ketones which supply energy when the body runs out of carbs (glucose reserves)

What are exogenous ketones?

These are supplements that have the same use as ketones. However, when you consume them, they raise your blood ketone levels, making your body start burning down fat, which kicks you back into ketosis.

So, yes, getting back into ketosis after cheating is possible with these supplements.

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How long does it take to get back into ketosis after cheat day?

2-3 weeks.

After your cheat day, don’t be overly anxious. Even though you exercise and revert back to your strict keto diet, give your body the time to work the carbs out of your system.

But if you use exogenous ketones, you will be back in ketosis within 2-3 days. But a note of caution, these supplements can be a bit hard on your tummy. So, it is advisable to start off with a third of the serving and keep increasing the dose when your stomach adapts to it.

How to get back into ketosis quickly after cheating?  

Restarting keto after the cheat isn’t as hard as you think. But I must say that it will need to be resolved on your part. Otherwise, if you haven’t decided about getting back into ketosis after cheating, you will become a repeat offender. From cheating on meals, you will cheat on days, thereby undoing your keto progress.

Need to get back into keto after your cheat meal? Here’s how:

Intermittent fasting

After fulfilling your heart’s desire, take off some days and fast. This will get you back into ketosis after cheating. 

When you fast, the body uses its glycogen reserves to give you the energy to perform normal body functions throughout the day. All the extra carbs in your body are done away with, leaving your fat deposits as the primary fuel source. (When your glucose/glycogen is used up, your body switches gears and starts breaking down your fat for an energy boost)

When this happens, ketosis restarts. 

Drink lots of water

After the cheat meal, drink lots of water. Water has three uses; it increases metabolism, keeps you full, and makes you feel full, thereby killing your cravings or urges. Increased metabolism increases fat burn.

Water also keeps you rehydrated and keeps the keto flu away. When your body is starved of adequate carbohydrates and exhausts its glycogen supply, it means that a lot of water leaves the kidneys. Drinking 3.5 liters of water a day will keep you healthy and strong as your body goes through the changes.


You need to deplete any glycogen resulting from your carby cheat meal. And what a great way to do this than through workouts. 

Exercises need and expend a lot of energy. In doing so, more carbs and fat are burnt, kicking you back into ketosis. 


Giving your body enough rest is one sure way of jumping back into ketosis. After taking your exogenous ketones, let your body work its magic and recover the lost ground. Sleeping increases your metabolism, stops your hunger puns or food cravings, and reduces your stress levels.

The fastest way to get back into ketosis after carb up

Looking for the quickest way of restarting keto after cheat? Here they are: 

Take exogenous ketones. 

Within two days, you will be in full ketosis mode.

Ditch the carbs

How do you go about this? Go carnivore. Eat fatty meat, cheese, eggs, and cream. Substitute your daily carb portion with fatty proteins until you are fully back in keto mode.

Exercise fast

Get your body active. Let it burn away the excess carbs and fat.


Don’t beat yourself when you indulge in a cheat meal; you are human, after all. On the other hand, don’t make it a habit to become a repeat cheat meal offender. It will turn you into a repeat cheat day offender, which will throw you completely out of ketosis. 

But on the days you give yourself a carby treat, exogenous ketones after a cheat meal will provide you with a speedy recovery.

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