Best Keto Falafel: 2 Fantastic Recipes (With & Without Soy)

Before going keto vegan, I was simply low-carb vegan. So I could indulge myself with occasional falafel (since chickpeas have relatively low insulin index). 

But with great power (keto-power over fat) comes great responsibility. And turned out that I have to be responsible for banishing falafel from my life for good. 

And guess what? I wasn’t going to allow for it to happen. 

After trying, testing, and adjusting several recipes, I came to the conclusion that perfect keto falafel (that is also vegan) does exist. So prepared to be gone with the flavor. 

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How many carbs are in a falafel? 

keto falafel

Your typical falafel is prepared from ground chickpeas seasoned with parsley, coriander, onion, garlic, and cumin. But you most likely won’t be eating it by itself. The delicious chickpea patties most likely will be stuffed in soft and warm pita and topped with veggies and tahini sauce. 

So, while patties itself are not that scary – a serving of six might have around 333 calories and 31.8 g of carbs, including 4.9g of fiber. But with all those extras, there will be way more carbs in falafel.

Is falafel keto?

Since a stingy portion of falafel has 26.9g of net carbs, it’s hardly can be called keto. You might say: “How about if I eat just one of those balls?” 

Fragrant, hot, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside… Falafels sometimes refer to as But the worst thing about it “domino foods.” It’s very challenging to control the portion and very easy to overeat (like Oreos :)) 

Especially when the dish itself seems to be so healthy. 

Also, let’s remind ourselves that falafels are deep-fried in most cases. And most likely, it happened with the use of canola or other doubtful oils. So, that kind of cooking method is never good for your health, whether you are following a keto regimen or not. 

How to make keto falafel?

Easy keto falafel recipe with tofu 

Baked keto falafel from cauliflower

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