Vegan Protein Waffles: 3 Low Carb, Quick, and Yummy Recipes

Even though you are not supposed to eat lots of protein while you are on a vegan keto, there’s only that much nuts and tofu you can eat. So from time to time, it makes sense to use protein powder is an easy way to boost your protein content for the day. This ingredient will also help you to come up with numerous recipes that can be not only nutritious but also satisfy your cravings. Just like vegan protein waffles. 

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Which protein to choose for a keto vegan? 

Pea, soy, rice, hemp are the most common vegan proteins. But it’s not as easy as it sounds – some might be more complete, some might be better for lean muscle building and recovery. There’s a lot to consider. 

I’ll cover the basics in this article – the carb content. Of course, it varies from brand to brand and addictives that specific products might be using. 

However, 1 scoop of soy protein has 2.1g of carbs, including 1.6g of fiber, which leaves us with 0.5g of net carbs.

Pea protein, like one, has “less than 1g per serving.”

Hemp comes with 7g of protein per serving, including 4.8g of fiber, which leaves you with 2.2g of net carbs. 

Rice protein includes 3.4g of carbs per scoop, 0.4 of which is fiber. So it’s 3g of net carbs in this option. 

So it leads us to two contenders – the soy and the pea. 

 My personal preference as keto vegan is pea protein. It has all nine essential amino acids and is a great source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) too. Those are linked to muscle growth, heart health, and proper blood flow.

Overall, pea protein has way less ‘cons’ about it. Since this article is about waffles, I won’t be focusing on the best protein powders for vegans (and anyone really). But you may watch this video. The research is spot on. 

How to make vegan protein waffles?

The secret to vegan low carb waffles is the right flours mixture. It will result in a proper taste and texture and ensures that waffles are still gluten-free, lower in carbs, and healthy.

You also have to get creative with the binders and “fluffers” since you can’t use eggs or gluten, as most of the people do. But we can go around it and get more creative with less harmful ingredients such as flax meal and psyllium husk. 

Another thing to mention, since we are going for high-protein and using plant-based protein powders, not everyone loves the aftertaste of pea protein, for instance. But that’s why we can use some extras, to dress things up a little: cocoa powder, or extracts such as vanilla, will do the trick. And you can experiment with more ingredients, of course. 

My top 3 vegan protein waffles recipes

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Vegan chocolate protein waffles

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