Is Sauerkraut Keto Approved? (Best Keto Vegan Recipe Included)

Sauerkraut is one of the hidden gems of the keto diet. Not many people know of it when they start the ketogenic diet, but there is no going back once they discover it. Vegan keto sauerkraut is one of my favorite foods because I just love fermented foods. However, I must say that sauerkraut is an acquired taste due to the whole fermentation process

So, what exactly is sauerkraut? Sauerkraut is made by fermenting cabbages. That’s it. It’s basically pickled cabbages. In fact, you can make your own at home! 

All you have to do is shred one cup of cabbages, mix in a quarter teaspoon of salt, and dump it into a mason jar. Then, cover the mason jar with a cloth and thread.

I allow my cabbage to ferment for at least three days before eating it. But I must say, the flavors get better the longer it ferments. Amazingly, the fermentation process releases some water from the cabbages. Fermentation really intrigues me, and I like to ferment my own sauerkraut and pickles. Fermented foods on keto are ideal for switching things up from a boring routine. 

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How many carbs in sauerkraut? 

1 cup of sauerkraut contains 6g of carbohydrates and 4g of fiber. That means there are only 2g of net carbs in sauerkraut. This is great for the keto diet. You can have sauerkraut as a side dish and remain well within ketosis. 

Is sauerkraut keto-friendly?

Can you have sauerkraut on keto? Yes, you definitely can. Most sauerkraut is made using shredded cabbage and salt, both of which are keto-friendly. One cup of cabbage sauerkraut contains only 2g of net carbs, perfect for the keto diet. 

However, if you are eating store-bought sauerkraut, you might want to read the ingredients labels. This is because some recipes call for sugar in sauerkraut to fasten the fermentation process. Some German keto recipes with sauerkraut will also call for bacon and apples. 

Is sauerkraut good for keto diet? 

You can have as much sauerkraut on keto as you like – it’s not very carby. In addition to that, it is a source of probiotics since it is a fermented food. Sauerkraut can also strengthen your immune system and improve digestion. 

You can add sauerkraut to various keto dishes, for example, cauliflower rice, keto sushi bowl, and avocado toast. It adds a sharp, salty contrast to your dish. 

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