Keto Bread Pudding Vs. Traditional Bread Pudding Recipe

Frugal cooks of the 11th centuries (unlike many of us) used to take advantage of any scraps and leftovers, including the stale bread. And that’s how bread pudding became popular amongst the lower classes back then. 

Surprisingly nowadays, this dish gets its deal of love and is a dessert of choice for many, including pretentious food connoisseurs. 

So if you love it, but following the low carb path, keto bread pudding might be the only thing missing in your life. 

And if that’s the case, I have a great alternative that I am about to share with you. 

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Traditional bread pudding ingredients 

As I’ve mentioned, bread puddings were around for many centuries. But as you might imagine, low carb caramel syrup didn’t exist before and during the Middle Ages. Some of the “real” classic bread pudding ingredients back in the days were milk, fat, stale bread, and possibly some kind of sweetener.

Nowadays, bread puddings may use sugar, honey, dried fruit, syrup, nuts, and various spices from nutmeg and cinnamon to vanilla and mace.  

How many calories and carbs are in bread pudding? 

The wonderful comforting taste of bread pudding comes at the cost: it’s super sugary and high in carbs. While the precise content of sugars might vary depending on the recipe, it surely is in the 50g-90g per 100g serving range. 

Let’s have a look at Bruce’s bread pudding as an example. 

Its base consists of sugar, wheat flour, cinnamon, spices, baking powder, vanilla flavor, baking soda, soybean oil, and silicon dioxide. And only the base courts for 56g of carbs per 60g serving. But you also have to add more ingredients like eggs, nuts and raisins – and whatever else you envision. 

So it’s really high in carbs and clearly a no-go for keto. 

How to make keto bread pudding? 

There’s an easy way to come up with the low carb bread pudding variation. For instance, you can use as your base. Or make bread from keto-friendly baking ingredients, like almond or coconut flour. 

Top it up with keto sweeteners and non-daily (low insulin index) milk. You got yourself a great keto-approved dessert. But check out my recipe for more precise instructions. 

Easy keto bread pudding

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