Is Wasabi Keto? Can You Eat Wasabi Peas and Almonds on Keto?

Wasabi, also is known as Japanese horseradish, is a paste made of plant roots. It’s used as a condiment for sushi. Since the western world is getting more hung up on everything spicy (hence Sriracha), it’s getting even more widespread. Is wasabi a keto-friendly condiment, though? That’s what I am trying to figure out in this post. 

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Is wasabi healthy? 

wasabi keto

There are reportedly many health benefits of wasabi. One of the compounds found in it called isothiocyanate (ITC). And those are responsible for the potential antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant. 

Although it comes with some caveats: some people might be allergic to the product. Real green horseradish is so hard to cultivate. So most of the wasabi we have in the US nowadays is a western horseradish that is dyed green. Therefore, the potential reaction can be attributed to either the dye or the horseradish. 

Does wasabi have carbs?

Wasabi does have a bit of carb. But since we can’t eat much of it, the amount is reasonable. 

1 serving of wasabi paste (5g) has 14.6 calories, 0.545 of fat, and 2.31g of carbs (including 0.305g of fiber and 0.66g of sugar). 

Is wasabi keto? 

Since wasabi carbs content is pretty low and you can’t eat much of it in one go, this condiment can be considered keto-safe.

Are wasabi peas keto?

Wasabi peas are not keto. These are the typical (and delicious) snack many of us don’t mind munching on. This weirdly satisfying combo can get too carby, though. Of course, precise numbers will vary from brand to brand, but it will be around 10-15g of net carbs per 1oz serving. 

E.g., option has 12g of net carbs (4g of fiber and 16g of total carbs). So I won’t call it keto-friendy. 

Can you eat wasabi almonds on keto? 

Unlike peas, wasabi almonds can be a legitimate keto snack. Since both wasabi and most of the nuts are fine for your ketosis, not much can go wrong with this combo. Although you still will have to check the macros of any particular product, since many manufacturers love to add sugar to every recipe. 

But for instance, option by Blue Diamond looks keto-safe. It only has 3g of net carbs per serving (1oz). And also high in fats too. Although, due to the fact it has some weird ingredients too, like modified corn starch or maltodextrin, I wouldn’t make it the staple of my diet. But if you love wasabi taste, you can use it as an occasional treat. 

Wasabi keto recipe 

Sesame Wasabi Crackers

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