Is Sriracha Keto? Does It Contain Sugar? Which Brand is the Safest?

Sriracha is so popular nowadays that some hardcore fans don’t hesitate to put it literally on top of ALL kinds of food. Whether it’s a boring burger or pretentious ice cream. But apart from the ice cream is Sriracha keto? US manufacturers love to add sugar to any product they can. (Particularly, if it’s something popular) So are your ketones safe with this spicy goddess?  

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What is sriracha? 

Sriracha is a hot sauce made of chili peppers paste, garlic, distilled vinegar, sugar, and salt. It’s widely used as a dipping sauce. And can be added as a condiment to various dishes – from soups to spring rolls and noodles.

This increasingly popular sauce originated in Thailand, in a seaside city of Si Racha. But many Americans recognize it as Vietnamese since it was introduced to the market by a Vietnamese refugee called David Tran.

He started selling sriracha back in 1980. And nowadays, it’s just blowing up and has even been labeled as “hipster ketchup.” It’s a robust global business, one of the fastest-growing in the US, and making more than $1 billion in revenue across the borders.

Health benefits of sriracha

Most of sriracha’s benefits come from its base – the red chili peppers. All spicy foods, chili peppers included, contain capsaicin. This powerful anti-inflammatory compound might help in boosting metabolism and limit fat accumulation.

There is also a decent amount of Vitamins A and C found in these peppers, which makes this ingredient a good antioxidant. And some studies also showed that chili peppers can help manage blood sugar levels too. And that’s just to name a few.

Why is sriracha bad for you? 

There aren’t as many bad things about this sauce. First, it’s quite high on Sodium. If you only eat 1 teaspoon a day, you are going to be okay. But considering how widespread the sauce is – it’s literally everywhere – the total amount of Sodium might add up.

As claimed by the American Heart Association (AHA), nine out of 10 adults consume excessive amounts of Sodium. Add a few extra squirts of high-sodium sriracha, and you are shortcutting your way to heart failure and various kidney diseases.  

Another thing to mention is that chilis and the garlic in sriracha could lead to heartburn and various gastrointestinal disturbances. And it’s more than possible for people who are prone to be sensitive to spicy food. 

Does sriracha have sugar?

Even though the base ingredient of sriracha is red chili, sugar is also included in the recipe. 

And many brands will even use high amounts of sweetener in their formulas. So that sauce might add up to your daily carb without you even noticing. 

Is sriracha keto-friendly?

Depending on the brand, the answer can be yes and no. 

So you should always look at the product’s label to make an informed judgment about the sauce’s macros and ingredients’ quality. Thus you’ll be able to make a decision about keto-friendliness on a case by case basis.

Let’s have a look at two popular options together. 

sriracha recipe by Bushwick Kitchen is made of tapioca syrup, water, brown rice, red pepper powder, salt, soybean, garlic, onion, water, sugar, garlic, and vinegar.

By scavenging the Internet, I found that it has 24 calories, 700mg of Sodium, and 1g of protein per serving. Also, there are 9g of carbs in sriracha sauce (1g being fiber, so it’s 8g of net carbs). Which I find quite confusing since the serving size is only 6g. 

But since this product doesn’t list nutritional value on the packaging (which I find very dodgy), I have to trust the data from the Internet strangers.

All in all, I’d pass on this brand due to the labeling situation and tapioca syrup, brown rice, etc. 

The is made of chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite, and xanthan gum. 

One serving (1 teaspoon) has 5 calories, 1g of sugar, 1g of carbs, and 80mg of Sodium. I’d say this sriracha is keto-friendly enough for me, even despite the sugar content.

Keto substitute for sriracha

If you want to go full keto-purist and opt-in for sriracha with zero sugar, the only alternative is to make the sauce yourself. You can skip the sugar altogether or use keto alternatives. The product holds up well in a fridge, so it might be worth a try. 

Keto sriracha recipe

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