Keto Flan vs. Traditional Flan (+ Low-Carb Vegan-Friendly Recipe)

Studies show that keto is one of the best strategies for weight loss and may help reduce type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular risks. While you are probably thinking that this kind of diet calls for no desserts at all, deliciously rich and creamy, keto flan might go a long way. Here’s my take on both traditional and low-carb flans.

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How many calories (and carbs) are in a traditional flan?

This can vary depending on the ingredients you use. Using sugar will raise the number of calories in any flan. 

There are 130 calories, 20g net carbs, and 3.5g fat in one serving of a traditional flan pudding. But you can definitely decrease those numbers. 

Can you have flan on the keto diet?

Yes! You can definitely have flan on your keto diet. Just switch from sugars to keto-friendly substitutes, like monk fruit, and you can prepare your keto flan. Keto version of it can have as low as 153 calories, 15g fat, and 2g carbohydrates, making it the perfect low carb flan.

How to make a flan keto-friendly? 

The traditional ingredients for preparing a flan are milk, sugar, and eggs. To make a vegan keto-friendly flan, you will substitute milk with plant-based milk like almond milk, eggs with mashed banana or applesauce, and sugar with ​natural sugar-free sweeteners​ like erythritol or powdered monk fruit. 

Best keto flan recipes

Here are two of my personal favorite keto flan recipes to try. Both are keto and vegan friendly and also absolutely delicious. 

Coconut keto flan

​Keto pumpkin flan

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