Keto Peach Cobbler: Easy Mug Version, with Coconut and Almond Flour

Cobbler has been known by various names from pie to tart. It’s an American deep-dish fruit dessert with a thick crust (usually a biscuit crust) and a fruit filling (such as peaches, apples, berries). It comes in MANY varieties (including keto cobbler). 

The dessert has been introduced to Americans by British American colonizers. British folks were unable to cook their beloved puddings, so they had to improvise with the ingredients and cooling facilities. But the result turned out pretty great. Now let’s jump right into it, and I share several recipes of a yummy keto peach cobbler you might want to try if you are having a sweet tooth while on keto. 

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How many calories are in a peach cobbler?

Depending on the recipe, your traditional peach cobbler might have anywhere from 350 to 450 calories per serving.

E.g., this classic recipe mainly made of fresh peaches, sugar, all-purpose flour, and butter has 419 calories per serving, and 79.53g of it are coming from carbs. Definitely off keto limits. 

Are peaches keto? 

So is low carb peach cobbler even possible? And can you eat peaches on keto at all? And the answer is yes. Even though fruits, in general, are a no-no on keto, there are still options that you might eat occasionally.

For instance, peaches are on a lower-carb fruit option if you keep an eye on the serving’s size. One small yellow fruit has about 12g of carbs, 2g of fiber. So it’s 10g of net carbs in peaches. And you can definitely incorporate it into your diet with a bit of planning.

Carbs in canned peaches

Most of the canned varieties of peaches have lots of sugars added. Which makes it way less keto-friendly. Even with no-sugar-added versions, things still may get too carby. 

For instance, widely accessible version of canned peaches doesn’t list sugars as an ingredient. Bit it still has 21g of carbs and less than 1g of fiber per serving (122g). So the net carb count is high for keeping you in ketosis. 

So is it possible to make low-carb peach cobbler with canned peaches? I’d say no, just to be safe. 

Carbs in frozen peaches

Some brands of frozen peaches also come with added sugars and higher carb contents. Although if you get lucky and pay attention to what is written on the label, you may come across a keto-friendly option with the same amount of carbs as the fresh peaches. 

How to make a keto peach cobbler? 

Stick with traditional keto-baking ingredients and sweeteners and opt-in for the fresh version of peaches. This way, it won’t be too challenging to end up with pretty low-carb keto dessert. I have three options for you, so read on, and I hope you’ll find the one to try. 

Best keto peach cobbler recipes

Almond flour peach cobbler

Keto peach cobbler in a mug

Coconut flour peach cobbler

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