Keto Ravioli: Which Ingredients You Have to Put Behind?

Ravioli is one of the most beloved kinds of pasta. This dish even has a dedicated holiday – National Ravioli Day, celebrated on the 20th of March.

Imagine thin layers of perfect Italian egg pasta, wrapping up creamy ricotta, juicy spinach, and black pepper. Delight. But is there such a thing as keto ravioli, that holds the same level of awesomeness? 

I’d say maybe. Read on. 

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Ravioli ingredients

The recipe and the notion of what you can stuff your ravioli with were continuously changing throughout history. And the first mention of this dish was registered in the 14th century.

Back then, it was made of minced green herbs mixed with fresh egg and cheese, and seasoned with “sweet and strong spices”.

And later on, with gaining momentum, the ingredients were all the things that could have been available to the chefs of the Old World. Pasta, beet, spinach, nettle, parsley, mallow, mint, dandelion, borage, and many others, cultivated or wild, etc.

But nowadays still the most common recipe is when ravioli is prepared with spinach usually mixed with hard cheese and ricotta. Then well buttered and sprinkled with cheese and black pepper.

Can you eat ravioli on keto?

While the recipes of modern ravioli might differ from chef to chef, it’s quite clear that traditional pasta can’t be a keto-friendly dish by no means. 

Just to be sure, let’s look at tomato & meat sauce dish interpretation by Chef Boyardee. 

The ingredients include tomatoes, wheat flour, beef, cracker meal, salt, high fructose corn syrup, carrots, modified corn starch, onions, monosodium glutamate, caramel coloring, flavorings, enzyme modified cheese, etc.  

And it has 190 calories per serving, including 28g of carbs. While it’s not the highest amount of carbs for some, it’s still a daily allowance on keto. Not to mention that the ingredients list is not really “clean keto-approved”. So eating traditional ravioli on keto might not be the best idea. However, there’s an alternative. 

Keto-friendly ravioli recipe

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