Why Do We Love Hush Puppies? And How to Make this Dish Keto?

Hushpuppies (as frequently called hush puppies, even though it might lead to confusion and protests amongst convenient footwear aficionados) are small, savory, deep-fried round balls.

They are made from cornmeal-based batter, and as any deep-fried food is a beloved snack of choice for many occasions. But how can we talk about keto hush puppies then? Isn’t anything cornmeal-based high in carbs and will kick you out of ketosis in no time? 

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What is a hushpuppy? And where does it come from?

The first mention of the dish is dated by 1899. Back in the days, it was closely associated with fishermen, hunters, and other brutal creatures. They would use fried cornmeal to feed their dogs to hush them (hence the name).

The treat has evolved. And nowadays many humans enjoy it very much. And what’s not to like? It’s a deep-fried or baked ball of cornmeal batter and spices. They are typically made with cornmeal, egg, buttermilk, flour, baking soda, onion, and various spices.

And some cooks will experiment with the classic recipe and add anything from bacon and jalapeño to corn kernels and crawfish. Sounds very unhealthy, just like most of us LOVE. 

Hush puppies nutrition

Imagine those cornmeal-buttermilk spheres drowning and singing their frying song in a skillet filled with oil or shortening. Yes, the dish is delicious, but a complete disaster in terms of nutritional value. 

It will vary based on the recipe, of course. But just to give you an idea. Let’s look at this healthiest traditional hush puppies recipe I was able to find.

The snacks are baked, not fried. But still, 1 piece has 134 calories. There are also 20g of carbs in this one hush puppy ball. Also, 4g of fats and 4g of proteins. Not the best keto food, to say the least. 

How to make hush puppies keto-friendly?

Even though butter is too high in fats to cause insulin spikes, it still can cause insulin resistance. Therefore you have to swap it for something else. E.g., coconut oil. 

And yes, coconut oil is not the healthiest of all. It has quite some saturated fats, which might pose the risks of heart diseases. However, it lowers insulin resistance, it’s completely keto-friendly and has many other advantages.

Substitute the cornmeal with your favorite keto flour (I love flaxseed, almond, and sunflower). Stick with baking, rather than deep-frying (or maybe you want to do air fryer keto hush puppies version). And you get yourself a pretty lovely keto-approved low carb, high fats meal. But if you want more direction, check my recipe. 

Keto hush puppies recipe

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