Matcha Fat Bombs: 3 Incredible Vegan Keto Recipes

If you are a keto vegan, you are most likely to care about your health. In that case, you might have heard about matcha and all the fancy potential benefits this green tea powder has to offer.

Matcha fat bombs are a fantastic choice for those of us who still have cravings and also were not able to keep the fat intake at the keto necessary levels.

Let’s learn more about its main ingredient. Is it really that good as the hype suggests?

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What is matcha, and is it healthy?

Matcha, finely milled green tea powder, has been a staple ingredient for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies since the 12th century. Although the practice of milling tea leaves and pretentiously whisking it in water originated in China around the 10th century, the Japanese still do it better. That’s why the best matcha comes from the southern part of Japan.

And since matcha looks cool on Instagram, it became trendy thanks to its visual appeal and bright colors. Such fame wouldn’t be possible without health benefits though. 

Some studies of matcha showed that it can help promote heart health, protect the liver, and even make the weight loss process easier.

Back in 2017, a paper reviewing various matcha studies was published. According to the analysis, compounds found in matcha may improve mood and energy levels. 

Besides, matcha is rich in polyphenols. And those have been attributed with various anti-aging properties and linked to protection against heart disease, better blood sugar regulation, and even fighting cancer.

At the same time, I personally would be a bit cautious with this ingredient. First of all, it contains caffeine. And maybe be less than in coffee, but more than in regular green tea. So if you are cautious about your caffeine intake, keep that in mind. 

Another troubling thing is the high lead content. While lead is found in any green tea, you’ll consume way more of it in case of matcha – since the whole leaf is used in making the tea powder.

One report calculated that a cup of matcha may have 30 times more lead compared to a green tea.

So, all in all, there are some pros and cons of using matcha in your keto / vegan diet.

I’d say go for it in moderation for the sake of variety and quite a few health benefits this ingredient has to offer. If we are talking about small amounts of matcha powder – e.g., as much as you have in one keto fat bomb – you are going to be fine.

Are those matcha fat bombs keto? (and vegan?) 

Fat bombs are your “keto candies” that help you to munch on healthy fats while satisfying your cravings and hunger. But like any candy, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to meet the fat macros while on keto. So these treats will help you up the fat while being low on carbs and proteins. And they definitely add up some variety in your regimen since there are so many great ingredients you can use. 

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