Are Chickpeas Keto? (+Yummy Keto Vegan Recipe Included)

Chickpeas are a popular legume that tastes great and has so many uses, such as making hummus, salads, and even roasted chickpeas that taste unique and delicious. Chickpeas may also be sold as “garbanzo beans.”

Most people will boil chickpeas, although that can take a very long time, considering they are basically dry seeds. Either way, these little legumes are a great source of nutrition. Other people use chickpea flour for their frittatas, vegan eggs, or “socca” – savory French bread. 

But are chickpeas keto? For a food source to be considered keto-friendly, it must follow the keto diet’s low-carb, high-fat guidelines. This means that you can eat a maximum of 20 to 50g of carbs in one day to stay within the keto parameters. 

If you eat chickpeas on keto, chances are that you will get kicked out of ketosis. However, if you eat one or two chickpeas, there is nothing to worry about because you will still be well within ketosis. 

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Do chickpeas have carbs? 

To determine whether or not chickpeas are keto, we have to explore chickpea carbs. How many carbs do chickpeas have? The carbs in chickpeas amount to 63g in 100g with 12.2g being fiber (so it’s totalling in 60.8g of net carbs). One tablespoon of chickpeas will have about 6g of net carbs. This means that while chickpeas do have carbs, you can have 1 tablespoon without getting kicked out of ketosis. 

If you want to satisfy a chickpea craving and avoid bingeing on them, you can have some chickpeas. Sprinkling a tablespoon of chickpeas in a kale and lettuce salad is okay. On the other hand, sitting down with a bowl of roasted chickpeas is really bad for your carb intake. Making a chickpea pancake is also bad for ketosis. 

Are chickpeas keto-friendly? 

Chickpeas are not keto-friendly. Keto-friendly foods are foods that contain next to no carbs. You can eat however much you want and still stay within ketosis. These kinds of foods have high fat and moderate protein. Such food would include avocados, cauliflowers, kale, and lettuce. Most foods that have high fiber content can also reduce carb content. 

Another criterion for keto-friendly food is whether or not they have sugar in them. This cancels out most fruits, like apples or oranges. These foods add carbs to your diet. Plus, they cause the body to produce insulin to transport the sugar. When insulin is detected in blood, ketones will not be produced. 

That said, are chickpeas keto? If you want to stay within ketosis, forget about eating chickpeas in hummus, salads, or as a movie snack. Chickpeas carbs are too high to risk on keto. 

Can you eat chickpeas on keto? 

Chickpeas are popularly eaten in Middle Eastern cuisine. If you have had hummus and falafel, then you know how delicious it can be. These tiny legumes are brimming with nutrients, including fats, carbs, proteins, and fiber. Not only that – they also provide minerals such as folate, iron, and Vitamin C. 

Despite all this, it is recommended to avoid overeating chickpea on the keto diet. Having one tablespoon of chickpeas in a salad won’t necessarily kick you out of ketosis. But, eating a whole bowl of roasted or boiled chickpeas is a huge no-go.

So the final verdict is this: It is best to stay away from eating chickpeas on keto. If you have one or two, then it’s fine. You will still remain in ketosis. Don’t go overboard with the chickpeas because they don’t help in maintaining ketone production. 

Vegan keto hummus recipe

Forget about eating chickpeas on the keto diet. They have way too many carbs to risk your ketosis over. However, there are some other substitutes for popular dishes. In this recipe, we shall create a perfect replacement for hummus. Hummus is a healthy dip that can be used for cucumbers, celery, and even keto-friendly rutabaga fries!

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