Keto Okra: Why Is It So Wonderful for the Ketogenic Diet?

Okra is a rare vegetable that not many people have heard of. Have you ever come across a small cylindrical vegetable that produces slime when chopped up? That would have been okra, also known as ladies’ fingers. 

Okra is a staple in many cuisines, and rightly so – it is a highly nutritious vegetable that gives your body magnesium, folate, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Okra is great for pregnant women, boosting heart health, and it may even have anti-cancer properties.

So, as with all foods, we must ask, is okra keto? In this article, we shall look at the carbs in okra and a healthy fried okra recipe. 

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How many carbs are in okra?

One cup of okra contains 7g of carbs. Eating one cup of okra on keto will set you back only 7g out of your daily 20g carb allowance. However, if we consider the fiber content of okra, then the net carbs in okra are only about 4g. 

One cup or 100g of okra has 33 calories, which is not a lot at all. Okra is an excellent fit for a low-carb diet such as the ketogenic diet. 

Is okra keto-friendly?

Yes, okra is keto-friendly. You can have okra on keto. When you eat about a cup of cooked okra, you will be eating only about 4g of net carbs. Remember that this vegetable contains fiber and can keep you full for long. This is one of the most significant reasons for adding okra into the ketogenic diet

There are various ways to cook okra that keep it keto-friendly and healthy at the same time. Here are some low carb okra recipes:

  • Boiled okra soup
  • Stir-fried okra
  • Fried okra
  • Oven-baked okra fries
  • Okra with scrambled eggs 

Fried okra vs. French fries

French fries are a huge no-no if you are on the keto diet. We all know how hard it can be to quit certain foods. Some of us have French fries calling our names when we officially go keto. French fries have a high amount of carbs.

100g of French fries contain 41g of carbs. That’s more than double the daily carb intake for one person! And let’s be honest – no one is going to be eating only 100g of French fries – that’s less than a kiddie meal! French fries are addictive and oh-so-tasty. 

Now let’s take a look at fried okra. According to this recipe, 2 cups of fresh and sliced okra would shrink to ¼ cup after frying. This ¼ cup of fried okra contains 4g of carbs, and 2g of fiber, meaning that the net carbs in fried okra would be a measly 2g. 

Fried okra is a healthy take on tasty French fries. So, for all those French fry-loving ketonauts, fear not. You can get your kick of salty goodness with these crunchy keto okra fries. 

Is boiled okra keto-friendly?

Some people might need answers to very specific questions like, “Is boiled okra keto-friendly?”

If you already had okra as a part of your pre-keto diet, you’d like to know the status of okra on keto. The answer is yes; boiled okra is keto-friendly. Boiling is one cooking method that doesn’t add any extra carbs. So, if fresh okra is keto-friendly, then so is boiled okra. 

Are okra chips keto-friendly?

Yes, okra chips are keto-friendly. Choose chips fried in healthier oils such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Some oils may not be ideal for frying. Oils that are fully or partially hydrogenated and contain high amounts of trans fats can be harmful to your health. Here are some oils to avoid on the keto diet:

  • Corn oil
  • Margarine
  • Soybean oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Okra chips may be keto-friendly, but watch out for chips that contain other sneaky ingredients like wheat flour or all-purpose flour. These contain carbs and may kick you out of ketosis. 

That said, okra chips made using only oil and flavored with salt and spices are completely fine on the keto diet. 

Okra may be keto, but that doesn’t mean everything made of okra will be keto. Let’s take a look at this popular okra chips product. These okra chips are marketed to be natural, delicious, and healthy. Although it’s evident that okra is very beneficial, we need to find out if these okra chips are keto. 

A quick look at the nutrient profile, and we have our answer. okra chips have a total carb content of 75g. When we factor in the dietary fiber of 21g, it shows that the net carbs in these chips are 54g. That’s a lot more than the average carb content to remain in ketosis.

The ingredients used to make these okra chips include: okra, non-hydrogenated canola oil, tapioca starch, and sea salt. Among these, it is only tapioca starch that has carbs. Tapioca starch is made from the roots of the cassava plant, and it contributes to the high amount of carbs in these okra chips.

So, the next time you see these chips, just know that they are not keto-friendly. 

Is pickled okra keto-friendly?

To answer this question, we shall dissect a popular product called Old South Pickled Okra. 

pickled product contains crisp, spicy, and flavorful pods of okra. It is gluten-free and kosher. It helps add relish to different dishes. It’s also a great addition to a picnic or outdoor event.

Let’s look at the ingredients: fresh okra, water, vinegar, salt, natural spices and flavors, calcium chloride, and FD&C yellow #5. All these ingredients are well within the keto range. 

Let’s take a look at the nutrient profile of this pickled okra: 1 serving includes 2 pods of okra. Each serving has 15 calories, 0g total fat, less than 1g of protein, and 3g of total carbs, with 0g of fiber and 2g of sugar. 

Usually, sugar is enough to kick you out of ketosis, but this amount of sugar would be too little to spike your blood sugar. Therefore, Old South Pickled Okra is keto-friendly.

Low carb fried okra recipe

In this section, we shall take a look at a low-carb fried okra recipe. 

If you have been looking for the best keto okra recipe to try out with your fresh okras, then you need to give this one a try. This recipe creates a simple crunchy snack to munch on when you crave a bit of salty goodness. 

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