Cauliflower Scallion Pancakes: Keto Vegan Breakfast to Die For

Scallion pancake, also known as Cōng yóu bǐng is a traditional Chinese savory, flatbread folded minced green onions. It’s a very versatile food that you can purchase both from a street food vendor or a posh restaurant. And its popularity is growing thanks to unusual chewy texture and flavors. 

So, cauliflower scallion pancakes are a great alternative to traditional high in carbs recipes for those foodies following a ketogenic diet and determined not to miss out on new food trends. 

In this article, I’ll break down the traditional recipe, and its macros and offer duperliciously tasty keto vegan alternatives. 

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What to eat with scallion pancakes? 

Depending on the recipe apart from chopped scallion, these pancakes might include more ingredients. E.g., fennel, sesame seeds, garlic chives. In North America, this dish is often served with hot chili sauce, soy sauce, or Vietnamese dipping sauce. But you can basically combine it with anything that you feel like. 

Are scallion pancakes healthy? 

The standard recipe for scallion pancakes includes all-purpose flour, vegetable cooking oil, chopped scallions, water, and spices. It is also a fried pan dish. 

While it’s not the worst dish in the world, and definitely not as bad as tons of processed food we tend to eat nowadays, fried food is still never good. As well as all-purpose flour might not be the best ingredient. Especially if you are on a keto diet. 

Scallion pancake calories and nutrition

The nutritional value of scallion pancakes may vary, of course. But let’s take product as an example. Those are an authentic Cōng yóu bǐng and have 275 calories per serving (120g). Including 7.5g of fat, 45.5g of carbs (1.5g from fiber), and 6.5g of protein. 

Are scallion pancakes keto-friendly? 

Since this dish is quite high on carbs (around 30-40% of its nutritional value comes from carbohydrates), it’s not keto-approved. However, that’s only fair for traditional recipes. And there’s always a way to come up with low-carb alternatives practically for any dish, scallion pancakes included. 

Keto scallion pancakes

Cauliflower scallion pancakes

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